Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Outhouse (Privy)

Now that the excavation will be underway soon, I need to start planning what I should do next.  Once the dig is complete I will move my trailer to the new site.  The problem with the new site will be no facilities.

First things first, need a bathroom.  I will be putting up an outhouse for use until the cabin is completed.

The hard part about this outhouse design is situating it on a 32% slope.  Special consideration must go into the design.

Here are my initial drawings for the outhouse:

Once I decided on the basic construction, I put it into my design program to get a good visual:

Typical outhouses have the door on the high side to minimize the total height of the design.  In this case, I don't want the door up slope so I needed to create a design that would keep the door more accessible on the side of the slope.  This configuration minimizes the required excavation work needed to level the area around the outhouse.

I plan to build the outhouse at home in my garage, this way I can build in sections allowing me to test fit the walls and roof.  Then I will assemble the outhouse on site when the ground is prepared.  This would be much easier than building on site, were I would have limited access to power and tools (and a home depot).

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  1. Hi Jeff, good luck with your project. Keep in touch. Hope to see you before softball season in the winter. Call me when you get a chance.